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The corrosion protection coating for any weather

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The innovation in corrosion protection: TEFRO®cor 310 RP

Reliably coat
throughout the year:

Your solution for all seasons!

Specifically developed to deliver professional results even under demanding conditions, TEFRO®cor 310 RP ensures that you can implement your project regardless of the weather, with high quality and long-lasting corrosion protection. Experience flexibility and efficiency without limitations – in any weather!

Excellent climate tolerance

Ideal performance at ambient and object temperatures from -5°C to +35°C. No increase in viscosity below 0°C!

Fast curing even in wet and frosty conditions

Significant reduction in downtimes due to weather influences!

Instantly waterproof

No blistering, no cracks. Perfect adhesion and quality with just one layer!

Extremely water-repellent

Enables direct coating of wet steel surfaces!

Excellent climate tolerance

Ideal performance at ambient and object temperatures from -5°C to +35°C. No increase in viscosity below 0°C!

Extremely water-repellent

Enables direct coating of wet steel surfaces!

Fast curing even in wet and frosty conditions

Significant reduction in downtimes due to weather influences!

Instantly waterproof

No blistering, no cracks. Perfect adhesion and quality with just one layer!

TEFRO®cor 310 RP
in action!

Low temperatures and damp substrates have made applications impossible until now. Our product TEFRO®cor 310 RP is a unique and innovative coating that will fill this gap. The material is easy to handle, performs well even under the worst conditions, and adheres effectively to any surface.

Dennis Evers
Frosio Coating Inspector Lvl III

Lab Manager Resins,
G. Theodor Freese GmbH

High performance with a single coat!

1C paint with 2C power

Primer and topcoat in one product! High weather, color and UV resistance.

Excellent paint adhesion

Whether it`s steel, iron, zinc or aluminum: adheres exceptionally well to any surface – even in wet and high humidity conditions.

Efficient without compromises

No need for elaborate substrate pre-treatments: Direct coating – even on solid  residual rust. Thick-layer applications possible in a single operation.

Versatile, economical and sustainable!

The 1C protective coating for demanding environments

TEFRO®cor 310 RP not only stands out for its water-repellent effect and mechanical durability but also exhibits excellent resistance to chemicals and cleaning agents in both low and high pH ranges. This ensures reliable performance even in critical applications such as coastal areas or chemically exposed production areas.

The C4 class coating is ideal for a variety of structures and facilities exposed to moisture and high humidity. This includes steel components in transportation infrastructure and shipping, power poles, hydroelectric plants, sewage treatment plants, fuel depots, shipyards, port areas, swimming pools, and more.

Our coatings have been tested for their suitability in these challenging conditions by an independent external testing institute.

For efficient repair and recoating

TEFRO®cor 310 RP offers a comprehensive, reliable and cost-effective solution for all challenges in corrosion protection, both for repairs and new coatings.

The coating has been specially developed to effectively and sustainably address existing corrosion damage. It allows for the quick and efficient restoration of affected components and structures, not only restoring functionality but also enhancing the appearance of the objects. With its innovative formula, corrosion protection and repairs can be carried out even during the ongoing operation of a facility. This minimizes operational disruptions and thereby reduces indirect costs.

The application can be done by brushing, rolling, or spraying.

For the people & the environment

TEFRO®cor 310 RP is an advanced, solvent-free corrosion protection coating. Solvents in paints and coatings can release harmful emissions that are detrimental to both the environment and human health. By abandoning these substances, we actively contribute to environmental protection and minimize health risks for users. The environmentally friendly technology has excellent adhesion properties, is water vapor-permeable and super hydrophobic at the same time.

Our product does not contain heavy metals and does not include allergenic amines, epoxy resins, or isocyanates.

See for yourself!

Get your free test package and experience the performance and quality for yourself.

Your advantages at a glance:

Enables corrosion protection coatings to be carried out for up to 12 months a year

Coating independent of weather conditions and predictable

Reliable performance, even in critical application areas

Significant reduction in downtimes

1C coating with the performance of 2C paints without compromising on quality

Simple and effective processing

Reliable and economical solution

Versatile application options

High quality with long-lasting protection

Environmentally friendly technology without solvents and allergenic substances

Get your free test package!

Would you like to test TEFRO®cor 310 RP for free or need professional advice? Get in touch and let’s discuss your questions together!

    Jürgen Bode

    Sales Manager Coating Systems
    G. Theodor Freese GmbH

    +49 421 3 96 08-260

    „With over 30 years of experience in the paint and coating industry, I am at your side to provide you with comprehensive know-how in theory and practice: for tailored solutions that are perfectly suited to your specific requirements. I look forward to getting in touch with you and finding ways together to successfully support your projects.“

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    About us

    Your partner for innovative and sustainable solutions in the construction industry

    The origin of G. Theodor Freese GmbH dates back to the year 1910 when we took our first steps in the corrosion protection sector, primarily in shipbuilding. Our history is marked by spectacular projects in various industries such as shipbuilding, industry, and commercial construction. These projects, coupled with hard work and daily commitment, shape the foundation of our company. Despite evolving challenges, our commitment to solving them to the best of our ability has remained constant.

    The products and systems developed in our state-of-the-art laboratories and tested by independent institutes are the result of careful research and direct customer feedback. We are committed not only to high-quality formulations under strict quality metrics but also to solving the practical challenges of our customers. Our aim is to set new standards in performance and quality. This includes our commitment to sustainability and efficiency. Our goal is not just to offer you a product but to provide solutions that meet your expectations for quality and practicality.

    As a medium-sized family-owned company, rooted both regionally and internationally, we understand the importance of sustainability and social responsibility. Our over a century-long tradition commits us not only to excellent quality and customer satisfaction but also to making a positive contribution to society and the environment.

    We look forward to overcoming today’s and tomorrow’s challenges together with you.

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